Green Education for Youth

MHP has been offering Green Clubs for young people for many years.

In addition, students in MHP’s Community Life programs are learning more about nature and their environment through a collaborationo with the Audubon Naturalist Society, including field trips to Audubon’s Woodend site, which includes a pond and forested area.

Green Living

MHP has won recognition as a NeighborWorks Green Organization by demonstrating a comprehensive commitment to sustainable operations. To achieve this designation, MHP demonstrated adherence to green business practices, showing a commitment to creating healthier, energy-efficient environments for homeowners, renters, community residents and staff. MHP focuses its real estate development activity on meeting Enterprise Green Communities standards through energy-efficient upgrades and use of green building products and processes throughout its multi-family portfolio.

MHP shares resources and information with residents about the benefits of recycling, healthy eating, and sustainability, including distributing recycling containers door-to-door, building community gardens, and sharing resources with residents in collaboration with Montgomery County.

MHP has been recognized by the National Association of Counties (NACo) for our work helping residents improve their homes’ efficiency and reduce their energy costs.  In collaboration with Montgomery County’s Montgomery Energy Connection (MEC), we provided more than 4,000 income-qualifying residents with in-person and virtual presentations, resources, and energy efficiency devices/technology to help them love where they live. Read more እዚህ.

Green Communities

MHP sponsors annual Earth Day cleanup activities in several neighborhoods, including Long Branch and North Wheaton. In collaboration with the Long Branch Business League, monthly cleanups are held in the Long Branch business district.