MHP Strategic Plan 2011 – 2015

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This 5-year Strategic Plan reflects intensive work by the Board of Directors and senior staff as we assessed the trends in our industry, evaluated our strengths and weaknesses, identified the key challenges or “big questions” facing MHP, and devised strategies to lead us forward.

Executive Summary

The board and staff of Montgomery Housing Partnership (MHP), remain committed to its mission of preserving and expanding quality affordable and workforce housing in Montgomery County, MD.  MHP is united in a shared vision to significantly expand its impact on affordable and workforce housing in the County.

To accomplish this strategic vision, MHP devised the following goals and strategies in three broad categories: real estate, financial health, and policy.

Real Estate Goal and Strategies:

MHP seeks to create and maintain affordable and workforce housing in Montgomery County, specifically preserving and/or developing an additional 1,000-1,250 units over the next 5 years by:

  • Maintaining a priority focus on Montgomery County, while remaining open to opportunities in nearby jurisdictions.
  • Positioning MHP financially so that it can be nimble and responsive to opportunities while maintaining an appropriate risk profile.
  • Continuing to build on its competitive advantage of strong local relationships and to aggressively seek new partners to develop new affordable housing.

Financial Health Goal and Strategies:

MHP seeks to position itself to be nimble and responsive to opportunities. MHP will continue as a financially strong organization by:

  • Diversifying funding sources.
  • Managing financial resources to create stability and support growth.
  • Developing a strong MHP message and strategy to support external relations, fundraising, and communications.
  • Diversifying funding for Community Life and Neighborhood Revitalization.

Policy Goal and Strategies:

MHP seeks to position itself as the go-to organization in Montgomery County through its roles as developer and manager of affordable and workforce housing and thought-leader on related issues by:

  • Supporting policies that increase affordable and workforce housing production.
  • Fostering relationships and public and private partnerships.


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