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MHP’s holistic approach to housing includes providing affordable rents, developing educational programs for residents to develop skills that expand their opportunities, and implementing neighborhood revitalization efforts in communities impacted by foreclosures and the downtown in the economy. For a snap shot of MHP’s accomplishments toward these goals over the years and a list of our supporters, please view the annual reports below.

MHP 2016 Annual Report

MHP 2014- 2015 Annual Report (25th Anniversary Edition)

Resident Profiles – First Time Homebuyers at Olney Springs

2014-2015 Accomplishments

2015 Donors – Individual, Corporate, Organizations, Government and Foundations

Click for MHP 2013 Annual Report

Volunteer Insert

Click for MHP 2012 Annual Report

Click for MHP 2011 Annual Report

Click for Meet The Residents of 7610 Maple

Click for Meet the Residents of Gilbert Highlands

Click for MHP 2008 Annual Report

Click for MHP 2007 Annual Report

Click for MHP 2005 – 2006 Annual Report

More of the 2005 – 2006 Annual Report

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